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Ten years ago we started zen life gear to make the highest quality products possible. We started with our sage smudge spray for space clearing and now have many aromatherapy products all made by hand here in the USA from organic and sustainable oils and herbs... Many of which are grown on our own farm with no pesticides, herbicides, and all grown in the Biodynamic farming style for maximum potential in the products. Now zen life gear's products are available in nearly 5000 retail stores in the USA and Canada.

I love all of zen life gear's organic products and use them everyday!
Mila Kunit

Better than Organic Certified Products

Our products are held to a much higher standard than regular

Certified Handmade in America

100% of our manufacturing and ingredients are done here in the USA. Only some of our packaging is not made in USA which we are actively trying to replace with USA made products as soon as it becomes available.

We Deal With Highest Quality Organic Ingredients!

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